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Magic Number bug in SSH

1213486160 and 1195725856 move over, you’ve got more friends! Meet 1397966893 and 1349676916. I ran into this because one of our servers was unable to git pull from our office starting from when I pushed out a new ssh config with some shiny new features turned on.

2016 in review

This is a post of accomplishments from 2016, gathered throughout the year. Some of these will be vague, some quite verbose. I’ll include links to what I can.

SSH CA bastion host

I recently built a SSH CA wrapper script, that handles a lot of the bookkeeping around running a CA for SSH. The wrapper works great, but we discussed how we could use it at work to solve the KRL distribution problem. Basically, it comes down to reducing the validity windows of the certificates we issue, which means we need an automatic way to issue certificates. As such, I’d like to introduce SSH-ACME!