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Configuration Management using SSH and m4

At my work, I’ve found that I need to manage the ssh configurations and authorized keys for a handful of user accounts across many servers. So in my typical style, I wrote a Bash script to manage the whole lot. At first, it was a simple cat | parallel scp x {}:x script. Eventually, we realized that we had a fairly standard base configuration, but that some servers needed more “customized” configurations.

Magic Number bug in SSH

1213486160 and 1195725856 move over, you’ve got more friends! Meet 1397966893 and 1349676916. I ran into this because one of our servers was unable to git pull from our office starting from when I pushed out a new ssh config with some shiny new features turned on.

2016 in review

This is a post of accomplishments from 2016, gathered throughout the year. Some of these will be vague, some quite verbose. I’ll include links to what I can.