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Two way git mirroring

At work, we have a server with bad/dying hardware. It happens to be our primary origin for our git repos as well, which become corrupted once a week or two now. We’ve set up a new server running Gitlab that we want to migrate over to, but we can’t tolerate any service disruptions. Partly because we have a lot of servers that are potentially used to push changes, and we don’t want to forget about an old EC2 instance. But mostly because some people will read the email saying “don’t push to the old server, your data WILL be lost” a week after you’ve sent it.

Configuration Management using SSH and m4

At my work, I’ve found that I need to manage the ssh configurations and authorized keys for a handful of user accounts across many servers. So in my typical style, I wrote a Bash script to manage the whole lot. At first, it was a simple cat | parallel scp x {}:x script. Eventually, we realized that we had a fairly standard base configuration, but that some servers needed more “customized” configurations.

Magic Number bug in SSH

1213486160 and 1195725856 move over, you’ve got more friends! Meet 1397966893 and 1349676916. I ran into this because one of our servers was unable to git pull from our office starting from when I pushed out a new ssh config with some shiny new features turned on.